ScatLina  - I eat shit from panties [2018 / FullHD]

I present to you my new shitty clip, in which I eat poop right from my panties. This video was especially nice to shoot … to feel like warm shit that spills over into panties, I stroke it and enjoy it… it’s so nice. I want more and more shit… to feel it everywhere. I want to feel shit on my face, and I smear my face, this smell… mmm… I smell and lick and bite a piece, now I am wildly sexually excited… I want to eat everything and caress myself
ScatLina  - Shitty panties in my dirty pussy [2018 / FullHD]

Hi, my name is SkatLina! I adore perversions and want to share with you my interesting fantasies. This is my first video on this site. In this video, I play with my shit. First, I shit in my panties and sexually caress my body, smearing the shit on it, then I insert the shitty panties in my pussy and piss. Pleasant viewing… With love, your Scatlin!